Location: Kuranda to Cairns

Today we woke up and walked into town. We walked along the train tracks to get to the backside of town, which was cool. When we got into town, we had 30 minutes to walk around the local Kuranda Markets before going on a riverboat tour. While on the riverboat tour, we saw many amazing things such as freshwater crocodiles, turtles, fish, darter birds, and the world’s oldest rainforest. After the boat tour, we loaded up our luggage and took a bus to the city of Cairns. When we got to the motel, we put on our swimsuits and went to the pool to tan. The sun felt amazing.

After an hour, Jack came out and told us that the rugby game was moved back a day, so we flip-flopped our schedule and went into downtown Cairns. We walked around town, shopped for souvenirs and checked out the Cairns Night Markets. Then we went to watch a presentation on the Great Barrier Reef at Reef Teach to prepare us for our scuba dive trip. We learned about the corals, fish, sharks, whales, and rays we will see while diving. We have just gotten back from Reef Teach and are now having snacks and socializing. It has been a long yet fun day.