Location: Kuranda

Today marked the second (and last day) of the service portion of our time in Australia. We spent the first part of the day in the nursery of Kuranda Envirocare. Sore bodies and groggy minds didn’t stop us from putting everything we have into our work. Duties were dispersed among us, sometimes trading jobs around. Jobs ranged from potting plants, cleaning pots, cracking seeds and weeding in the greenhouse. It was a nice change of pace from the extremely physical job of planting trees the day before. After a nice lunch and tea break (who knew that was such a big deal here?), we walked down to a new location to do the final part of our work.

The afternoon was then spent mulching young saplings that will eventually act as a canopy in the rainforest, protecting many different species. As exhausted as we were, we motivated each other to push through with the higher goal in mind. After a long days work, we had some time to relax by the river until our bus came. We were even visited by an extremely friendly dog, which most of us wanted to keep as the GoBeyond Australia mascot. Tragically, he decided to go back to his home. Reflecting on the two days, I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to give back to the beautiful country I am lucky enough to experience.