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Location: Cusco, Peru

Despite the fact that the whole group was suppose to meet in Miami, us Boston outbound travelers were delayed by a seagull. You think the builder of a giant jet plane would have thought to make it seagull proof. After a 45 minute flight and a 6 hour layover, which included an hour delay and a lost wallet, in JFK, we were finally off to Lima where we were greeted with open arms by the Lifeworks staff and a missed flight. The cherry on the top of this long, eventful sundae of a day was losing our bags. Finally though after almost a day of traveling, we were able to meet the group. With a nap in our system, we headed out in the town square. At night the square was lit up with the warm glow of the lights of the tiny shops that lined the edges. Through exchanging money, we learned that 60 dollars suddenly changed in the value when you walked ten feet down the street. After a quick shopping trip, the sweater laden group headed to an early dinner and an early bedtime!