Location: Cusco, Peru

We started the day with Peruvian bread, butter, and jam. As well as Coca Tea, something we are learning to love. We had our first service experience today at Casa Mantay which is a home for young single mothers and their children. We rode the public bus. What an interesting experience…At Casa Mantay we were given a tour and introduced to the residents, at first they were very shy, but as the day went on it was amazing how accepting and affectionate they were. We split into groups to clean, cook, paint and care for children. Our favorite part was playing with the kids in the afternoon. It was easier to communicate with the kids because most of us only have the Spanish of a 2-year-old. We spent the afternoon with them playing on the playground; they also love being picked up and spun. They were constantly saying “Me das una vuelta” and we would always have obliged, even though we were wiped out from the altitude. We ended the day with dinner, many of us had a chance to try alpaca, which tastes surprisingly similar to steak. Yum.