Location: Zent

We woke up unusually early today! A 5:21 start to the day to make it down to the Cabecar Indigenous area. We packed into the bus with drowsy souls and PB & J sandwiches. We slept all the way to a local spot called Los Primos where we were bombarded with a smorgasbord of local cuisine. After giving ourselves a personal tour of a banana plantation, we arrived at the Cabecar Indigenous zone. The women of the tribe gave us presentations of their traditional crafts. It was mind-blowing to observe! They could turn raw materials from the jungles into beautiful and practical crafts. We then replicated a trek the local families do on a daily basis and were extremely humbled by the experience. After dinner, we built a bond fire alongside the river. Around the fire, we had an open and honest discussion that allowed us to learn more about everyone.