Location: Caribbean

The rustic rooster was quite inconsiderate in the time it decided to turn into an alarm clock. I mean, 6-7 is alright but 4 o’clock in the morning! Come on man! Anyway, we went to have our indigenous breakfast – it was alright. But the coffee was the best part of it for those who drink coffee. We later painted a cafeteria and a clinic in one of the indigenous villages in the pouring rain, I might add.┬áNot too shabby. Our great friend Hugo then drove us to Maribu Caribe, which is a beachside resort. Everyone went to the pool to watch the disappointing USA vs. Belgium game. Props to Green for achieving our only goal and bigger props to the US goalie for being amazing! For dinner, we went to…..drum roll, Mr. George’s! This isn’t just any Caribbean food place there aren’t even words to describe the chicken and how does one make rice and beans taste so well Rico Con Coco! So so so delicious doesn’t even begin to cut it. Let’s say it was the holy grail of chicken. We finished the night off with some smoothies and fries over bonding time at the resort. Stay tuned for more adventures!