Location: Pacuare River

(Read this blog in a pirate accent)  Arg! Ahoy Matey! Today we set sail (or rafting) on the vast river Pacuare the viscous river she be! Let it be known that none were harmed that didn’t stand in our way when we plundered a new set of wheels for which we navigated the jungle roads to the river. There we found a few Costa Rican scalawags, which we captured and forced to take us through the dangerous rapids of wrath. As the scurvy dogs paddled through the river, our wet pirate booties bounced along eyeing the virgin rain forest surrounding me crew. Fierce we were when confronting the giant waves, and famished was the crew as we commandeered a plot of log cabins. The Ticos were put straight to work on our slop for the evening and set to making quite a treasure of a meal more delectable than a flagon of ale. We set forth a pillaging party but were only greeted with cascading waterfalls and more jungle. After returning without a rouse of pillaging, we decided to improve morale by lessening our number of prisoners. “Walk the plank ye binge rats!” And then we went to rest! Sorry, we don’t be having all the pics from dis here trip but rest assured a fun time was had by all.