Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up at 7.30, a number that no longer means much to me. I don`t have my phone or a timepiece of any kind. However, it is nice to be more social to the people around me, if we had our phones I believe we would be a lot less social with each other. But I can`t show my pictures, play my music, or talk to my friends and family back home, whom I haven`t seen for two months. Anyway, we proceeded to go to the `Seal Dog Islands`, with the other Lifeworks boat, plus another two ActionQuesters. There we retrieved some camera footage, checked and refilled rat traps, and picked up trash at the beach. I personally just stayed at one of the islands, because I was picking up trash at the time they gathered people to travel to the bigger island. Once we had finished, we went to `Savannah Bay`, where we got some time to relax before going on a hike to the Windward side of the island, where we picked up even more trash. The surprising part when we arrived at the beach, was that there seemed to be no trash anywhere, so when we were told to any cover over arm-length in radius, we got really confused. Once we picked up a single roc,k we soon realized that there was a lot of trash hidden under all these rocks. After only ten minutes, we had filled up an entire medium-sized plastic bag, which is a lot compared to the other places that we had been. Then we went down to the beach where we played some soccer and American football, which was great fun because we hadn’t done any fun sports activities yet. I don`t know who won the soccer match, but I think we won, after we did have a European, who knows how to play proper football, that European was me. Then we went back to the boat and had a salt-water shower, before we relaxed until dinner was served, which was chilly with rice, but not too bad. Then the other Lifeworks boat came over, because all the ActionQuesters were gathering at their catamaran, which was great fun.