Location: Galapagos Islands and ocean waters

As we sailed our way to “San Cristobal” through the night, we promptly awoke at 7:00 am for eggs, toast and watermelon juice. Shortly after we finished breakfast, we debarked to the island and made our wet landing. As we begun our walk through the island, we examined the Sea Lions, Blue Footed Boobies (birds), and other amazing creatures. Before we went swimming with the Sea Lions, we spotted the rare sight of 2 humpback whales, breaking the surface. It was a majestic and breathtaking sight. After watching the whales play, we put on our snorkel gear on and made our way to the water. There we would entertain ourselves and the Sea Lions with playful jesters. Our next stop, “Punta Pete,” where we walked along a beautiful white sandy beach. This is where we ended our adventurous day.