Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning was an early morning. We woke up from the first rainless night at 6:15 and immediately pulled up anchor and sailed to our destination: Spanish Town. We unloaded all our gear into the dinky and headed to shore. Once we arrived, the first thing that caught my attention was a parking lot of cars, ruined by the Hurricane Irma. It was incredible to experience the effects of the storm firsthand. However, our mission of the day gave me joy. We were able to give back to the community, and it was incredibly rewarding. Even though we were under the sun picking out weeds and rebuilding a composting bin, we had an amazing experience. The result was breathtaking. I hadn’t realized how much of a difference we could make, and it empowered me to believe that we can all make a difference, even if it’s picking up one piece of trash. After bidding our goodbyes, we sailed back to our prior location and took a salt-water shower. The student chefs made dinner, and we had an evening filled with laughter. I think today was very special because it was our first project and we were faced with the reality of life in the British Virgin Islands. For many of us, the experience was one of a kind.