Location: Sólheimar

20:07, 7/01/19

Today, I can say with a great degree of certainty, was the most successful and enjoyable service day of this trip so far. After a late wake-up hour of 7:45, and a great breakfast, we headed to the greenhouses of Solheimar to assist in the transportation of around 40,000 trees from the inside of the greenhouse to the area outside. We accomplished this task by forming a human conveyor belt, using pre-existing holes in the fabric around the greenhouse, After a short coffee break, we then went to the cafeteria to assist in the harvest of a patch of rhubarbs, a large, tart plant resembling a red and green celery stick. The rhubarbs were pulled from the ground, after which the bottom part anchoring the plant into the ground was removed as well as the large leaf at the top of the plant. They were then transported in crates to the kitchen where they were washed and cut into small slices for later use. Some people suffered varying degrees of injury during this process. We then returned to the guesthouse where I am writing this account. I have yet to see what the rest of this day shall bring.

-Toby H. Olson, Group Leader for Monday, July 1st.