Location: Lares Trek

Day 2 of the hike has begun, and we woke up to the birds chirping and a generous offering of some hot coca tea. We had a delicious breakfast, which contained a tasty plate of oatmeal then a serving of eggs and French toast. We hiked a majestic 5-hour trail through the rough rocky and ridged mountains. As we started our hike, we had a beautiful view of the frost white glacier above us. While walking on the trail, Rio tried to join a group of alpacas and llamas he was determined to touch them one, but they kept on running away. We were walking between the grassy mountains as the cooling breeze from the cotton candy-like clouds. We started the hike and as we started to hit the first rest stop we a saw an ancient chapel that the local people who have been keeping it safe and as we opened the squeaky splinter filled wooden the priceless candle which was 500 years old passed on through generations just shined as the sun ray passed through the overhead window. William started to tell us the history of these chapels on the top the mountains, and he pointed out a prehistoric wooden cross that they used them in celebrations in honor of Jesus Christ in the holy month. Then we started to increase in altitude, and the air started to thinner and thinner until we reached the top of the mountain where we were granted with a beautiful view of a sacred lake, so we sat down and had a quick snack which was prepared by our amazing chef which contained a juicy orange and a candy bar with some sugary sweets. We set off again, but this time we’re heading to a yummy lunch next to a scenic swamp. As we started to approach the lunch site, we encountered a steep and slippery downhill path to reach the site. We had a wonderful lunch that filled us to the point of a food coma where all of us had a 15 minute power nap, slowly waking up from my slumber I see Rio trying to step on soft mud then gets his leg stuck in the mud where he had to use all of his strength to pull it out, his whole leg was covered in mud, so Rio took off his socks and took out his sole and had to walk with no socks on. When we all started to stand up and get even more energetic than before the hike started we had a 2-hour hike to our campsite. Towards the last 30 min, we came past a majestic waterfall, so we stopped and took photos and relaxed before we arrived at the campsite. When we finally arrived at the campsite, we were welcomed with tea and then dinner. After, we all passed out in our tents excited for the next day.