Location: Anegada

A late start to a morning after a crazy night in Virgin Gorda was met with Nutella and pancakes for breakfast. We set sail promptly and headed for Anegada, the most northern island of the BVIs. It is completely flat and has the world’s least common biome. We arrived for lunch on the boat and got ready to go for a beach hike. The beach hike was split into three groups who walked separate sections of the Northern side of Anegada. The coast was barren and a great site for spotting animals such as sharks! The afternoon was quiet and immediately followed by the best meal so far: Mexican Night. Mike (the director of Lifeworks, ActionQuest, and Seamester) came for dinner that was followed by talk of “Kelly’s Matching Theory,” which is soon to be published in a book and sold in a Barnes and Nobles near you! After rating Kelly’s latest relationship, the ship calmed down for an exercise with Mike. Postcards were laid out and talk about personal qualities sparked thought in everyone. After the excitement died down, cleanup began and the night ended on a very good note.