Location: Anegada

We started the morning by Elliot serving us some amazing scrambled eggs, and then we quickly got dressed and headed to Anegada island where we began a day of turtle tagging. We took a quick taxi ride to the old Anegada Yacht Harbor where we set up to start a day full of excitement. We began by splitting into groups of three and each group had its turn to go out on a small boat with Richard and a staff member. Today was a different technique to catch the turtles, called Rodeo Style, where you have to belly flop onto the turtle and grab it as quickly as possible. After the turtle was brought back (and secretly named by the group who caught it), we measured it and recorded its data, as well as tagged it. At around 3:30, after releasing the final nine back into the ocean, we headed back into the town where we got free time to roam around and call home. As soon as 5 o’clock rolled around, we all sat around a projector where we watched a documentary on the intense life of a turtle and its struggles in the ocean. Finally, after an exhausting but insightful day, we showered and were served a fantastic meal of chicken Caesar salad with a side of rice. Also, we were surprised with french fries from Elliot (he’s killing it today with the food) and ended with relaxing in front of the sunset surrounded by good people and good music.