Location: Anegada

The morning started off very early. I woke up around 6 o’clock with Ava. As usual, Ava decided to make a pre-breakfast snack: peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Soon the rest of the group was up, and breakfast was prepared by the chefs of the day: Juliet and Ava. Maya left early this morning. We all said our goodbyes and wished her safe flights home.

At 9 AM the first dinghy left Anamcara and headed to the dinghy dock. Elliot greeted us, telling Ashley that the taxi was not going to be ready to take us to the school for another 30 minutes. We decided to head back to the boat. For the thousandth time, Piegon decided to ask to drive the dinghy, and for the first time, Ashley said yes. We spent thirty minutes taking turns driving the dinghy all around the different boats moored in Anegada.

The workday began with painting tires so that they would look good with the gardens that would be put inside of them. After lunch, I worked on making compost bins with Nazz. I got to experience using a power tool for the first time in my life, even though BZ teased I couldn’t handle it. Piegon, Ava, Charlie, and I ended the workday with creating a very unique, but hardy compost bin, all by ourselves! As we were loading all of the materials into there bins, we started a quick game of pick-up basketball with the kids at the school. It was very fun to see how happy and positive all of the people are on Anegada. The game ended with the girls taking the victory, of course!

Around 5 o’clock we were back on the boat and headed to the beach. It was a quick 30-minute sail to the beach where we anchored. We hopped into our bathing suits and went straight to the beach. All of the Go Beyond boats spent the sunset in the water together. We got to see the sun go down while playing volleyball, doing backflips off the dinghy, and having chicken fights. I will remember this night for a long, long time.

When we arrived back at the boat, BZ had prepared Thanksgiving Dinner for us because it was Thanksgiving Day, today. Who knew?! Victoria, Charlie, and Rachel got to experience the most classic foods of a Thanksgiving Dinner. Tomorrow we sail back to Tortola, but for right now I am going to be thankful for being here on Anegada.

As always, remember: Live like Brum Brum