Location: Anegada

I woke up this morning to Daniel urgently informing us of the time. However, it was a false alarm and as quickly as we had woken the whole boat fell back to sleep. When it was time to wake up, I played the morning music, a locally mixed reggae CD. Emie and I discovered a quaint music store in Spanish Town, and the owner offered us his special mix while telling us to guard it with our lives. Today we had a long sail to the remote island of Anegada. As we sailed through the islands, we saw the endless depths and shades of the Caribbean Sea. We had a funny moment at the helm. I was too excited about finally going in a straight line I didn’t realize how close we had gotten to another boat. Upon arrival, we split into our cabin groups and collectively hiked the nine-mile length of the island, each group covering a three-mile radius. We scavenged for different types of trash. The Grinches (cabin of Samara, Emie, Georgia, and Anna) found an antique echo sonar machine. The Grinola Girls (Charlotte, Sarah, Olivia, Emry and myself) discovered a pink hard hat and many shoes. The guy cabin the ” Grin Daddies” have yet to reveal their special findings. It is amazing to think about how we are part of a very small percentage of people who will ever walk across the untouched natural beauty of the beaches of Anegada. We finished an exciting but exhausting day with Mexican “short shorts” night as we ate yummy tacos while wearing our shortest shorts, especially the boys.