Location: Anegada

This morning we woke up to the crisp air of Anegada. The chefs quickly assembled a breakfast of cereal, and before we knew it, we were in our dinghies and were at the dock of the Anegada Reef Hotel. Rondal was there to meet us in his pick-up truck-taxi that took us to our destination of rodeo turtle tagging. We met up with Richard and Chad who were our guides to catching the turtles rodeo style. The way to catch a turtle rodeo style is to stay in a small fishing boat in water that is about waist high when you spot a turtle you follow it in the boat until the turtle gets tired, and then when the guide says so, you dive in the water and scoop up the turtle. We split into two different boats — four people in one and then three in another. The first boats were Bezan, Dan, Clovis, and myself in one, and then Rachel, Emie, and Samara. We set out with Richard, and it took a good while until we finally spotted a turtle. The turtle swam and swam, coming up for a fresh breath of air every once and awhile. Finally, Richard told me to jump in. I jumped in face first and landed on the turtle’s back, but he quickly slipped out of my hands. We still had sight of him and luckily scooped him out of the water on the second try. We quickly named him Goose from the greatest character in Top Gun. Once we got him back, we did all of our measurements, and we tagged him. Later in the day Georgia caught a turtle that was named Charles, Anna caught a turtle that was named Lily, Jeffrey caught a turtle that was named Yoda, Samara caught a turtle that was named Chips, and Rachel caught a turtle that was named Sal. Six turtles were caught and tagged in all, and as a reward, we got free time in Anegada. Overall, it was a pretty solid day.