Location: Marina Cay

We started the day with a stellar breakfast of scrambled eggs, made by Elliot, followed by a quick ride by dinghy to the Anegada shore. Rondal, our taxi driver, took us to the Anegada Rock Iguana Rehabilitation Center. There we learned about the seriously endangered rock iguana. We learned about their habitat, habits, and predators. The purpose of the center is to repopulate the iguana on the island. The Rock Iguana is hunted by feral cats which were introduced to the island. These cats prey on small iguanas, which are slow and easy prey. Researchers found that by raising iguanas until they are of a moderate length, they were able to increase the survival rate by eighty percent. Our role at the center was to feed, clean, and water the iguanas’ cages and the grounds around them. As we arrived at the grounds, it suddenly began to pour, raining harder than it ever had since our arrival. We all sprinted to the nearest shelter. After the rain, we went to the cages and fed the iguanas a mixture of vegetables, artfully named Iguana Salad. In addition to this, we placed water bowls in each cage. The majority of the time spent at the facility was used cleaning the grounds. The sheer quantity of plant material around the openly aired cages had to go.

We spent a couple of hours doing nothing but cutting down vines and plants. We ended up with a gigantic pile of plant material. After our trek to the Iguana Center, we departed from Anegada and headed for Marina Cay. Once there, we prepared dinner and went to another “forum” with Mike and the rest of ActionQuest. Once there, we listened to a recording of a speech made by Jim Tumen, a motivational speaker. He was speaking to a high school graduating class and had many wise things to say about telling people the truth about how you feel, and about what to value. In the end, the day was once again a great success. We are all looking forward to another great day tomorrow.