Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was Fun Day! We had no responsibilities, no projects, and no hard work. It was fantastic. When I woke up the staff was on their way to a meeting and breakfast was already being made. We all discovered Olivia’s talent for making specially shaped pancakes. After the short ride over to Muskmelon Bay, we started our Fun Day. Some of us set up Picos, which are small sailboats that can only fit a maximum of 2 people. Others got a head start on some water-skiing and wakeboarding. I spent about half my day sailing on Picos with Daniel and then Clovis. There were a couple of techniques you had to get used to for sailing efficiently, but it was easy enough.

There was plenty of friendly competition riding around on the pint-sized sailboats. As we ate expertly crafted grilled cheese for lunch, reapplying sunscreen became a priority with the sun and sun’s reflection bouncing on all of us. The next half of my day was full of wakeboarding. I heard other stories of peoples experiences with it, like Rachel’s struggle and Anna’s natural talent for it. For me, it was my first time and for the first 10 pulls, I was thrown around for a bit. I eventually got the hang of it and stayed up for maybe 30 seconds tops. Jack, Ian, and Claire, who were all in the boat dragging me, said my wipe-outs were both gnarly and entertaining. Soon, the sun began to set and we all showered and prepared for dinner. It was the second night of chili, however, it was just as satisfying as the first night. Overall, we had a great fun day, and the common phrase with “Work Hard, Play Hard.” definitely applies to this group of awesome people. Alas, tomorrow we will be back to turtle tagging and “work” and all the things we pretend to dread, but I’m sure we’ll sleep soundly tonight.