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Location: Dharamsala, India

Today was June 26th, and like other days, it was amazing fun. Our group couldn’t be a better group of people. I was leader of the day today, so it was my duty to wake everyone up. After breakfast we climbed up the stairs and continued with our day. I met my learning partner Tenzin, who is a very sweet nun. Lunch was fun as always, consisting odd conversations that are in fact hilarious. On a sad note, Olivia is officially the second to become sick (the first being Sazi). Since she is in my teaching group, we went on without her to teach our group of 16 year-old girls about poetry at TCV. We returned to common ground and had sweets to boost our energy. Later, we ate dinner with other volunteers, who happen to be in college. We ended our near perfect day marching down the stairs to the monastery to fall asleep soon after.