Location: Dharamsala, India

Today was a great surprise in many ways. After a morning party with Graham, Sazi, Nigel, in which we enjoyed Graham’s jazzy dance, we walked up to town. I had an interesting day with my learning partner, teaching him grammar and reading about when he was a Nomad. My service learning partner is a good speaker, but his grammatical skills are still adjusting to western syntax. We went over his writing and visited the Tibetan Government buildings. Afterward, Our group went to make lesson plans in the “Common Ground,” a lunch place in Dharamsala, when I found out that one of my TCV teammates, Sofi, was sick. Noemie and I went to TCV to teach our eleventh-grade group English by playing Pictionary and teaching western art styles. Our students were way better as we were at art, so it was very easy. After a few previously awkward days, our group was much more open and talkative, which was a pleasant gift. In the end, one of the most gifted students gave me a pastel of his, which was a beautiful mountain skyline with a river (It’ll be on the blog). Afterward, Graham and Sazi went shopping, and I got a Dramnyal (Tibetan guitar). It’s pretty awesome.