Location: Dharamsala, India

Today we woke up a bit later than the other days because we didn’t have to meet our learning partners. They have weekends off. After breakfast, we had a morning of rest. Some of us did laundry, as others were taking some rest. We danced, read and discussed. After that, we had a typical lunch at the monastery, pizzas, and pasta!

In the afternoon, we went to the town to learn more about the association “Students for free Tibet.” Jampa showed us the place he likes to go to when he has nothing to do, a cafe from where you can see what’s happening in the street. After having the explanation about the Students for free Tibet organization, Wen, Sophia J, and I went to a dance a music show by students from the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, as the others were either at the monastery or in town. I liked the show; we had the opportunity to get to know the typical and popular Tibetan dances.

Then we went back to the monastery to have dinner. Sazi, Nigel, Josh, and Graham were dressed as the characters in the Lord of the Ring; this was fun! After dinner, Sophia B, Noemie and I went to the prayer in the monastery with Wen and Jampa. Just before going to bed, we had an amazing dance party in a room: we had lots of fun!