Location: Dharamsala

Today, a few of us that had woken up early started the day catching up on our journals while a picturesque rainbow formed over the mountain across from us. At 8:30, we headed up to Common Ground for another great breakfast, and then two great hours following practicing English with our mutual learning partners! As we have become much more familiar and comfortable with our partners, many of us have so much more to say about the hours we spent with them. Many of us went to the waterfall a little ways away from the main streets, while some of us went to cafes and restaurants for some tea and English lessons. After an incredible session, we met at the restaurant in Hotel Tibet and had some of the best Tibetan and Indian food yet. Afterward, we went to TCV and taught our students about animals, drew pictures and made friendship bracelets. We returned to Common Ground around 4:20, and had 30 minutes to walk around Dharmasala. Later on, we went to a cooking class and had some great homemade food. We then returned to the monastery for a short but interesting forum on the One Child Policy in China. Since we were all very tired, we went back to our rooms, hung out together for a little while and are going to bed soon. Another great day!