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Location: Dharamsla is the website for all of the inspirational videos by Russell Avery that we watched today. It is a spotlight on various members of the Tibetan community and definitely worth watching!Nothing like some nice loud Arabic music to start your day, which was exactly how I woke everyone up. Its quite nice to be on the other end of the brutal awakening. Breakfast brought beautiful sunny skies (which is a miracle during monsoon season) and chocolate pancakes (yum). Soon afterwards, our learning partners arrived and we headed off for another eventful MLP (pronounced MUH-LP) session. These 2 hours always pass by so quickly that before we know it, half the day is gone and were back at the Common Ground eating momos, (Tibetan food is so much better than normal food dont even try). In preparation for our TCV classes half of us made bracelets and the other half went to get Mary-Elizabeth dry pants (she fell into a waterfall, sorry gurl). We then headed off to another chaotic class with our awesome kids who rushed out to meet us today; its a constant cuteness overload. A couple hours later were all covered in chalk and grabbing kids left and right just to keep them from bouncing off the walls. We have 15 minutes before we head back to the monastery, so we obviously use the precious time for shopping. We head down the 300 stairs and listen to a really inspirational talk by Russell Avery about Tibetan and Chinese impressions. After dinner we grabbed the milk tea jug and went down to have a forum about the positive and negative effects of social media. Now, Im sitting here writing this blog in our usual common room if you will, with loud music playing and everyone laughing, dancing, and even lesson-planning. So Id say it was a pretty satisfying end to a successful day.P.S. hi mom, and Seema you better not be in my room