Location: Beijing

Since the beginning of our trip, we’ve learned about the culture that makes China so unique. There is an abundance of history and art to take in at every sight and whether inside or outside a museum, with every new place we visit customs and sights seem to change. Yesterday, after a tiring morning of bonding and playing with the babies at Dew Drops Little Flower, we packed up our flavored tomato chips and peanut-butter sandwiches and left for the 798 art district in Beijing. When we first arrived it did not appear to be much, just a collection of galleries with some graffiti art sprayed on the brick walls. However, with one turn down an ally, we immediately became fascinated by the lively streets lined with old factories and warehouses that have been painted in colorful patterns and pictures converted into shops, cafes, and art galleries. The way the old, rusty factories intertwined with modern architecture and installations reminded me of the way traditional Chinese values, history, and practices that are still present in modern society and culture. To me, the most striking example would be the colorful portrait of Mao exhibited in a museum solely devoted to the Pop Art style of Andy Warhol. Nothing in the 798 Art District was what I expected, and I would not have wanted it any other way! Now we have seen the vivid farmers’ art, hand-drawn calligraphy, paper cut art, and everything else you can imagine. Around every bend something new, whether it’s painted pottery whistles or flavored strawberry snacks, I guarantee it will not disappoint.