Location: Beijing

Last night the fire alarm went off in the flat around 1 am for no reason, but we still managed to wake up at 7h this morning. Olivia and Chris made breakfast, and then we all headed out to Dewdrops to play with the babies around 8h30. The babies were very sweet as always, and I think Evan and Colleen got some good shots of the kids and us. It’s a lot of fun because at this point in the trip we’re starting to recognize what each baby likes and know how to calm them down in different ways when they’re fussy. I find that it’s hard to pick favorites because they’re all so precious and uniquely adorable, but there are still clear pairs, like Mollie and her drama queen, and Chris and his chubby baby. Though the time spent with them still felt too short (I have the feeling it will always be), we left the orphanage at 11h30 and went back to the flat for mac n’ cheese for lunch.

After lunch, we went to volunteer at Roundabout, a donation organization that redistributes donations to the charities that require them. We spent about four hours sorting different books and junk into different sections, and it was fun to see the stuff that people had donated, but it was also really dusty back there.

We went back to the flat around 17h ish for dinner, which was another Chinese dinner with veggies and chicken. Now we’re all sitting around in a circle and having a lovely conversation, and doing silly things like comparing tan line stories and passing around batteries and licking them. Can’t wait for tomorrow, I hear we have an entire block of the morning dedicated to showering.