Location: Datong, Beijing

Today we woke up and had breakfast on the bus. Some of us had Chinese crepe things while others had bus snacks like yogurt drinks and fruit. From the nice hotel, we went to the Buddhist caves! Here, we walked around beautiful land and saw a bunch of giant Buddhas carved into the wall with great detail. We all took a lot of pictures. The weather was perfect today. It was nice and cool. After seeing all the statues, we walked back on a different route, which was just a smooth path. At the end, we walked through a small market which sold little novelties like toys, fans, figurines, etc. Evan got us little dough walnut balls to snack on. Afterward, we headed to a restaurant and had noodle bowls, chicken, veggies and fried rice. We headed to the hanging monastery after lunch. People urged us to buy ponchos because it was cold and rainy but we didn’t buy any. The monastery was cool. It was a temple built on the side of the wall. The steps were narrow, and kind of steep and the railings looking down many feet below were low. The monastery had a few little rooms set up for praying just like at the caves. We finished the monastery quickly and went back to the bus which ended up being delayed for 1-2 hours before we could get on the highway and leave. We finally left, and the bus ride was long for everyone! For dinner, we each had our things like Ramen and oatmeal. We are all very tired after a long and fun day! I’m tired, so I’m going to end the blog here! Sorry, it’s a little short, but stay tuned for our next Chinese adventure!