Location: Whitsunday Islands

We began with a lovely breakfast of warm croissants and prepared for a hike. We hiked from Cid harbor all the way up to the top of Whitsunday Peak, the highest point in the Whitsunday Islands. The path was full of lush vegetation, and we actually crossed some small streams along the way. It took us around an hour to get up to the top, which had a large rock with a couple of wonderful viewing points, and it was well worth the trip. We could see for miles/kilometers! It was such an amazing view! The vast expansion of multicolored water laid out before us flowed like a watercolor painting dotted with deep green islands which met the great blue sky. It is hard to fully capture the sight with words. The rest of the day was quite relaxed. We had lunch and played cards for a while before sailing back to the marina where we took nice warm showers after our few days at sea.