Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning the boat woke up to the delicious smell of French toast, prepared for us by our two lovely chefs of the day, Zachary and Harris. We ate quickly and packed for our trip to VISAR (Virgin Islands Search and Rescue). There we met Paul, who had been a volunteer of the organization for 14 years. He explained to us that VISAR was essentially the coast guard of the BVIs, and their organization was run by all volunteers. After answering our highly intelligent questions, we headed downstairs to check out the boat that they used. After this, we began our work outside. We proceeded to pull weeds and help clear out the property without sparkling positive attitudes and our bright smiles. During snack break, I (Alec) proposed a riddle to the group. It stumped many, and I felt incredibly suave for being so brilliant. We then went back to the boat and eating scrumptious ramen noodles prepared for us by our amazing chefs of the day, Zachary Rossman Schwartz and Harris Finn Thoeny (mentioned above). After this, our wonderful crew allowed us to have an hour of shore time. Back on the boat, we showered and cleaned the boat in preparation for Mike’s (the director) visit. Dinner, once again prepared by the honorable Zack and Harry, was a fun time with jokes and the added element of Mike’s presence. We then headed inside for an activity involving postcards and reflection presented to us by Mike. Although I cannot predict the future, I have heard that after I finish writing this elegantly written piece of literature, the group is going to do another activity involving reflection. Anyways, it has been an exciting day, and us kids are excited to see out family and take regular showers soon.