Location: Beijing

Hello all. Rachel here.


Today started with an eggless and toastless breakfast made by the chefs of the day (Chris and Maddie) due to the fact that we RAN OUT; although it was still good as they made their signature oatmeal, and served yellow watermelon (we’re not sure why it’s that color, but we don’t discriminate so we love it like we would any other watermelon). After breakfast, we rolled out like Optimus Prime and headed to the group home. Upon arrival, we had the option of staying inside and doing arts and crafts or going to the park to play with the kids. Olivia and I stayed inside with Catherine while Mollie, Chris, and Maddie went outside with Colleen and Evan. In the end, there were a bunch of gross teenagers. So as you can image, showers were a priority for when we got back to the flat. 

Lunch was next, which was nice after the morning we had just had. Our chefs made some lovely pasta with homemade garlic bread; and while cooking, we made iced tea, using loose tea. We had to filter it out but couldn’t figure out what to use, and eventually decided on a paper towel and were proud…. until Colleen told us that there were coffee filters we could have used. After a tasty meal, we had some time before the driver came to get us, and since we’re going to the orphanage tonight after dinner, I thought we could save time by doing the needed bathroom cleanup now so we could have more time later. Chris was the other person to help me with it. So the two of us cleaned the bathrooms upstairs.

Then we hopped into our ride and bounced to roundabout where we started in the shed sorting bags. Just standing still we sweat buckets, so that was fun. Then we were sent back to the main building where we sorted games for a few hours, making sure puzzles and games had all their pieces. We had a lot more fun then we expected we would; especially playing with games, we were sorting. By the time we had to go, it felt as though we had just gotten there (on the way out, Collen bought a yoga mat for their new spacious room for only a couple dollars!). Once we were back, dinner was already ready and waiting for us (Chinese, obvi). After a delicious meal, we decided arm wrestling was in order. Chris beat everyone every time, except Collen who beat him once, and he gave a victorious dab after each win. Afterward, we played a new game created by Colleen and Evan: Baseball Ping Pong. What started as an innocent game, evolved into an intense, all American apartment hang out the situation, blaring country music (as a Canadian, I did my best to fit into this American situation). There were two teams, which consisted of Me, Mollie and Olivia, and the other team with Maddie, Chris, and Evan. In the end, my team won due to our mad skills. 

While waiting for the driver out front, we realized he had the wrong time and ended up being there a half hour late. So in the meantime, we kept ourselves busy while we watched a strong storm begin to roll in. Once at Dewdrops, there were only babies awake, and we all headed to where we wanted. I went and hung out with a cute baby boy with cleft lip/nose, and got him to smile and laugh a little bit which is rewarding since he’s so young. After a good couple hours, and me getting some good video and shots, it was time to leave. I wasn’t as sad though, knowing we’d be back in the morning. Back at the flat, we quickly did squeeze before ending our day, sleeping like babies and dreaming of tomorrow.


Signing out,