Location: Beijing

Today was a good day.

Everyone woke up to my high-pitched screeches yelling WAKE UPPP. The chefs then made a great meal of French toast, which was good because it used the leftovers. After breakfast, we went to Dew Drops, which was cute and fun as always, but today the babies seemed even cuter. We had a great time at Dew Drops and came back to a great meal of tacos made by Olivia and Mollie. After Tacos we hung out in the apartment for a little while then went to a calligraphy and painting lesson. We got pretty good at calligraphy, and by the end of the class, we were pretty good a drawing Chinese characters. We even got to keep a nice sheet of our best work. We then had our painting lesson where we made roosters. Our roosters look pretty cool, so we also got to keep them. We spent a little while in the workshop drinking tea and talking then came back to food prepared by our amazing chef. The plans for tonight are to have a lifeworks forum #3. Then sleep.