Location: La Sabana and Doka Plantation

 Hugh and Juhi To start our day decided to play a little game of baseball. Upon arriving at the field, a flooding migration of hyperactive children from La Carpio covered the field. We split up into teams and played an intense game of baseball. With the local ice cream vendor as our audience, the pressure was on. After the game ended and the kids ate some freshly cut watermelon (Thanks Robyn) we said our goodbyes. The coffee at the Doka Plantation was so extravagant. The fumes of freshly roasted coffee beans filled the air. The tour guide, Juan, gave us a thorough walkthrough of the plantation. We learned all there is to know about Coffee, the most interesting part was when we learned how to extract the sugar from the coffee beans after they had been picked. One other cool thing about coffee beans is that you can cover them in chocolate. We can say that we ate our fair share to end the day?