Location: The Dogs

Today was pretty chill. In the morning, I awoke to Sigi standing above my hatch, which was an interesting sight to wake up to. I then rose out of my bed and scaled the stairs to the saloon. After, I equipped my personal flotation device in order to protect myself. I continued towards the cockpit, in which a few of my fellow sailing mates and I congregated around the table. After a decent amount of congregation, I then took to the task of awakening the sleeping crewmates. After everybody rose and scaled the stairs, we all ate breakfast which consisted of bagels, yogurt, and other things of the sort. Post-breakfast clean-up, we took to the sails to get our COVID tests. After our crewmates were tested, we once again took to the sails to return to our original location of interest. Since we were so cracked (good), we were able to get our sails up at light speed. We left all the other boats in the dust — though there wasn’t actually any dust, since we were in the ocean and there is no dirt or any other such substances that have the ability to make dust on the surface of the ocean in which we were sailing. With our quick launch, we had a great amount of time left over. With this extra time, we then landed at George Dog island to remove rubbish and other such items that are polluting the beaches of our planet. After a successful beach clean-up, we mounted our dinghy to transport ourselves back to our place of residence (the boat). Once we had returned, we decided to diligently clean ourselves in a process widely known as a shower. After properly cleansing ourselves, we headed back to our location of residence for the night. Open arrival, our chefs took up the task of constructing a proper dinner for consumption. Though with many difficulties, the chefs were eventually able to assemble a meal known as Stroganoff. Though I was fairly unconfident in the ability of our chefs (rightly so), the meal was surprisingly palatable. After our meal, we held our tradition known as “the squeeze.” The squeeze is an event in which all of the sailors interlock hands, then share our favorite part of the day and answer the skipper-of-the-day’s question. Being the skipper of the day, I was able to ask my question, which was: “If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?” Many of my fellow crewmates had great answers. My personal answer was: “Spaceships.” Though this answer may sound silly, I do believe this is one thing I would change, as it is my belief that space travel could solve many of today’s problems. After doing squeeze, everyone took to their clean-up tasks as I began to write my blog of the day. Overall, today was a pretty great day, and put simply; today was pretty chill.