Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today, we started our morning early prepared to clean. Not cleaning the boat, but the Copper Mine National Park. We motored a short distance, anchored, and hopped aboard a taxi to bring us to our cleaning site. There, we walked down to a rocky area, where trash from the ocean piles up because the beach is on the windward side.… Meaning it all gets swooped up onto the beach due to the current and position of the beach. We grabbed our trash bags and picked up items, mostly plastic and Styrofoam because both materials float. After we were finished at that site, we traveled a 10-minute walk down the road to the less rocky beach, which went on for miles. Of course, we wish we could clean up the whole beach, but with the time given, the amount we picked up was very impressive. Filling about ten trash bags, we walked back up the hill and drove back to the marina. There we got shore time for 2 hours. The marina had cute shops and places to eat, and a grocery store where most of us stocked up on candy. Once aboard the boat, we motored back to Savannah Bay and went to relax on the beach. There some people read, and some people played in the water. It was very relaxing and fun. Then, we got our first freshwater shower! It will be a very clean night. Dinner was a delicious chili that was enjoyed by all. Now, we are about to talk “trash.”… About the amount of trash that is collected in the oceans and beaches. We cannot wait for another awesome day tomorrow… we are having a great time!