Location: The Galapagos

The usual 7:30 alarm clock rang, and we set off in our boat to Kicker Rock for snorkeling and spotting sharks, turtles, rays, and sea lions. Everyone was pumped for a day of relaxation from our hard work the two previous days. Our pleasant surprise was seeing Blue Footed Booby Birds, but our unpleasant surprise was sea sickness affecting several teens in the group. Helping us dry off the cold water, we enjoyed ambling around at a secluded and beautiful beach. After Henry threw up a few times on the ride back and Sadie was splashed with what seemed like gallons of water, we walked around town and had a fun dinner together. At night we played Celebrity Charades and had a group discussion about obstacles. It was impressive to hear everyone’s stories and opinions. It was a long and interesting day filled with obstacles and fulfillment!