Location: Marina Cay

We all woke up this morning moored near the gorgeous island of Anegada. After a breakfast of Mini-Wheats and Cheerios, we untied the ropes rafting us to the advanced sailing boat, Wombat. Despite our incredible time together the previous night, goodbyes had to be short to allow us to begin our sail back towards Leverick Bay. Along the way, Em allowed many of us to helm. At the bay, we refueled our diesel and water tanks. Afterward, we began our short motor over to The Baths. The original lunch plan was a white bean soup; however, the crew collectively agreed upon swapping it with Kraft mac and cheese with bacon, ham, and turkey bits. After our quick lunch, we piled up into our dingy, Shadow, to transport us to shore. Upon arrival, we admired the stunning rock formations created by the raw power of mother nature’s waves. Our adventurous crew made questionable decisions in our choices of paths, leading to our fair share of scratches and bruises. Together we ventured through waist-deep caverns, clambered over rock formations, and crawled through narrow tunnels. Eventually, we located a gorgeous beach at the end of our wade/climb. We saw a stingray and just enjoyed the water for a few minutes until we began to head back along another path. Soon after, because we took the actual trail, we arrived near the entrance at the large, twelve-foot boulder that we jumped off into the water. After a few leaps, some withheld hands, it was time to return for our third voyage of the day to Marina Cay — our anchoring spot for the night. Next, we took saltwater showers with a quick freshwater rinse, followed by a scrumptious dinner of tortellini, tomato sauce, and garlic bread. Feeling rejuvenated by the meal, we had our daily squeeze on the roof of the boat. To wrap up the evening, we evaluated how well we’ve been following our boat culture guidelines that we created previously in the trip, and we listened to an eye-opening speech by Jim Tuman. The speech was about how no one ever wants to be remembered by their material possessions, how we can never truly know how long we have with those we care about, and how we shouldn’t take that time for granted. Then, we reflected upon the speech with cookies and tea. Overall, we had an incredible day of adventure and introspection.