Location: Beijing, China

Today we woke up at the usual  7:00 for an 8:00 breakfast. Peter, Addy, Sophia, Jack, and I went to the Group Home while Eliane, Esmer, Sabrina, Daniel started at the Baby Home. Sydney and Rebecca were today’s chefs, so they had the morning off to call their family, do laundry, and then prepare lunch (today we had tacos). We walked to our morning service. We played soccer, drew in mermaid coloring books, played games, and created monuments with LEGOS. And after a tiring yet rewarding morning of toddler holding/wrangling we ate lunch and headed over to Jenny Lous – a western market – for a pre-trip snack haul. Tomorrow we are heading to Taiyuan for sightseeing and baby loving until late Friday night. Were taking a LONG bus ride there and back. You can easily spend over 100 yuan at Jenny Lous, and many students do.

We headed back to the apartment to drop off our purchases and then went right to our afternoon service. I went to the Baby Home with Daniel, Sabrina, Sophia, Addy, Peter, and Esmer. Daniel and Sophia sewed bedding for the babies in Taiyuan – we are going to bring them on our trip, so we had to finish them. Yesterday I cut, ripped, and measured the fabric with Addy and Jack. It is such a great experience playing with the toddlers and babies. I remember the first time I saw them and feeling sympathetic and sorry for their disabilities and conditions. Now I see how normal they are. I find them so cute and adorable. So playful and happy and so smart! It has been such a life-changing experience playing and teaching these kids. Now I can see what my parents mean when they say having kids was hard, and I’ve only been here a week one baby would not let me put him down, and whenever I tried, he would cry and scream MAMA. My left arm almost fell off from holding him hours on end. 😉


Love from China,


    **PS: Just so you all know, we are leaving tomorrow morning for a three day trip to Taiyuan!! We can’t wait to tell you all about it when we get home, but we will not be blogging until we return! We are sending lots of love!