Location: Sandy Spit

Today we woke up 7 am to the delicious smell of pancakes wafting around the boat. Gabbie had woken up early to prepare them and was very capable of cooking them for all of us to enjoy. We all thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast; it was a great boost for the morning after our late night the previous evening. Once we had finished breakfast and cleared away, we sailed to Sandy Spit to help Susan, the lady that we had met yesterday from Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society, to undertake some conservation research. We were put to the task of looking for a tiny beetle that is thought to be found on a certain species of plant on the island. This beetle has not yet been added to the list of species in the British Virgin Islands and so if we could capture some that could then be sent away to experts to analyze this could accelerate the process. We returned once more to the beautiful waters and sands of Sandy Spit to find the beetle. There was a slight doubt amongst us as to whether we would find it, but in spite of this we remained resolute and trekked up the hill to the top where we found ample numbers of the insect. After we had captured three for a sample, we took photographs for research purposes. Next, we returned to the boat for lunch when we were treated to ramen noodles and chicken salad. We then headed out to a second island called Sandy Cay to search for the same beetle and take more samples. We also asked tourists using the beach to complete a questionnaire about their experience of using the trail and other information they would have liked to have. We were then treated to a swim in the water which was great fun as well as some races across the sand. We returned to our boat and sailed back to Sandy Spit where we anchored to spend the night. This was followed by ocean showers and a dinner of franks and beans. Overall, it was a great day we got to enjoy two beautiful islands, panoramic views and swimming in the water. We are all ready for another fantastic day tomorrow!