Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Today started as just a regular day, when in fact it ended as just the opposite. I began my day by rushing to get ready to be the catamaran’s skipper, in which I helped Torin sail from Green Island to the west end of Tortola, where our trip first began. When we got to West End, my shipmates and I all experienced a pleasant taste of deja vu. It was amazing to think that for the past two and a half weeks we have been circumnavigating the British Virgin Islands and loving every minute of it. Both of the Lifeworks boats were split up into two groups, one that would help out at the botanical garden and another that would plant new mangroves. My group helped out at the garden by clearing out dead leaves and large tree debris; we also learned how the compost the debris into new rich soil. We all worked together with rakes, wheelbarrows, and other gardening utensils to get the gardens looking pristine. We all ate pizza for lunch which was a great treat. After lunch, we continued to clear out the natural debris until we were able to go back to the boats and get everything together for shore time in Road Town, the capital of the BVI. A group of my shipmates and I ate gelato onshore and browsed through stores to see if we could find anything new to wear for the final barbecue which we are all dreading. It will be very weird to not see 9 of my good friends every day. After shore time we came back to the boats and were prepped by the staff about our upcoming visit from VISAR, Virgin Island Search And Rescue. When VISAR arrived on Grins, we had our chosen shipmate actors assembled to act as injured patients so the VISAR could practice rescue scenarios using us as “victims.” It was very cool to see how it all played out. Afterward, a few of my shipmates were able to take a ride in the VISAR dinghy which was very cool. Tonight we ate Mexican food and took fresh water showers at the marina. All in all, I would say it was a great day.