Location: Beijing, China

After finishing off some last minute preparation at the apartment, we headed to the airport to pick up our new Lifeworkers. We took the first group back to the apartment to settle in until it was time to pick up the next arrivals. Catherine made our second airport run and by about 6:30 pm today we had the whole team together at last. After everyone claimed their bunks, checked in, ate some snacks, and got the run around of the apartment, we walked over to a nearby Chinese restaurant for a welcome dinner. Following a delicious meal of dumplings, fried rice, chicken, green beans, and tofu wraps, we made our way back to the apartment. We decided to take another route back so we could watch a group of elderly Chinese women dancing in the park. Chris jumped right in and joined while the rest of us wished we’d had our cameras! Nobody seemed to have any problems with an early bedtime, so everyone is now fast asleep. Good night and welcome to Lifeworks China Mollie, Olivia, Maddie, Rachel, and Chris!

  Zai Jian for now, Evan & Colleen