Location: Beijing, China

The students of Session Two are en route to Beijing, flying in from across the US and Canada!  Evan and I are looking forward to meeting them, and are spending the afternoon prepping for their arrival. Our apartment is cleaned, the bunk beds are all made up, and the fridge and cupboards are stocked with food. We’re putting the final touches on our upcoming itinerary, adding some fun “learning Chinese” posters around the apartment while doing our best to memorize names and faces of the arriving team of students. We’re both excited about this session and can’t wait to learn about each of the students who are adventurous enough to spend part of their summer exploring China with us! We just came back to the apartment after a nice full day of revisiting some of the local sites to expand on our knowledge of the local culture. Evan and I are as excited as ever about China! Our first session was an amazing group of students, and we are so grateful for them coming in with such open hearts and minds to this experience. We will always remember Georgia, Sheindel, Moshe, Claire, Ren, Yaya, Sarah, Nick and Julia as inspiring young people who balanced a thirst for adventure, laughter, compassion, curiosity, and a lot of singing along to Chinese pop music, on the amazing trip we shared with them. We are so grateful to get to be part of this Lifeworks community where teens have the opportunity to grow into a team together, serve a disadvantaged population, and show us how to have a ton of fun while doing it. We are so excited for this upcoming session, and we know that the teens of Session Two will be as inspiring and dedicated as the last team. We can’t wait to welcome each of them at the Beijing airport tomorrow and start working with the new crew!

Stay posted for daily updates and photos from China!   Zai Jian, Evan and Colleen.