Location: Anegada

Today was day 8 of our trip and the day we arrived in Anegada, We woke up at 8 in the morning at Leverick Bay and had 2 hours of shore time where we bought almost $100 worth of snacks! Many of us went to explore the shoreline of the island and look at the damage that Irma did to many of the houses. At around 12 o’clock we left for the 14 mile journey to Anegada, in the middle of our voyage we encountered a massive storm cell which tossed and turned our boat sending water everywhere, with dish bucket flying overboard 6 of our shipmates made a valiant effort to pull in the Jib sheet, however, the wind proved to be too high an adversary and even with the unrelenting “encouraging” of our captain the jib remained up. After our unsuccessful attempt we decided to sail out of the storm, and so for an hour we sat inside the cabin and talked, after emerging from the storm we arrived in Anegada and Kaile, and Katie cooked a feast of Mexican food we ate as we watched the sunset.