Location: Anegada

Today was our first full day in Anegada, and it began with an early wake up so we could make it to the settlement to learn about iguanas. We met a woman who has been working with iguanas for years to help protect them in Anegada. She taught us all about the iguanas on the island and about their life cycle including what happens when they are first released to, then, where they go afterward. It was amazing to see someone who is so passionate about something and continues to put their heart and soul into their job every day. After walking around the fields, we went to the head start facility where we were able to cut lettuce for the baby iguanas that were in cages – they were being raised, protected from the feral cats. Before lunch, we headed to the beach for a fun-filled, relaxing afternoon. Some of us hung out in the ocean while others snorkeled or laid out in the sand. We also got to spend time with some of the other kids from the other boats which was a lot of fun. For lunch, we got to order food from the restaurant on the beach. Most of us ate chicken fingers, but they also had fish and burgers. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach and then headed back to the boat where we showered and played a few rounds of cards before dinner. For dinner, we had “Thanksgiving,” and the chefs made chicken (we didn’t have turkey), mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole. Overall, today was a very fun and educational day, and we are looking forward to turtle tagging tomorrow.