Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Kicking off the morning by waking everyone up to a foggy 6:30 am hike with all of the GoBeyonders to the top of Norman Island. We enjoyed the view sitting at the top pointing out all the islands around us that we could see in the light fog while the sun rose. Each group returned to their boat for a breakfast of eggs and cantaloupe before setting sail to Virgin Gorda. During the three hour voyage, we where served blueberry muffins and all napped for at least an hour before anchoring. The GoBeyonders met on the beach on Virgin Gorda and began an assembly line clearing some driftwood or some parts of houses that were destroyed by the hurricane and floated onto this beach. We piled up pieces of wood that we will use tomorrow to build things like swings and greenhouses for the locals. After we all went swimming and played taps in the water. For dinner, we had cheesy Alfredo after taking an ocean shower to end the night.