Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We woke up at the ActionQuest dock on Tortola to roosters crowing and had a quick breakfast of cereal before we set off for Norman Island. On the way, we learned plenty of new skills like how to coil lines and anchor the boat. A skill I learned as skipper was steering; not to brag, but I’d say I’m pretty good (just take my word for it). It’s quite the arm workout! We had sandwiches for lunch then got a real workout as we dove into the swim test: 3 laps around the boat and 5 minutes of treading water (or trying not to sink in my case). After we all passed the test, we boarded the dingy for snorkeling at the caves, which was incredible but short-lived (jellyfish are officially the worst). We saw an octopus! Later, we took surprisingly fun saltwater showers, and the chefs made Sloppy Joe’s (yum!!). What a day!!

Hoping for no midnight rain showers! Shoutout Mom, Dad, Addy, Sophi, Minnie, and CJ