Location: Xi'an

This morning our train arrived in Beijing, and upon exiting the train station, we met our tour guide for Xi’an Daniel. We headed to the hotel to eat breakfast and drop off our stuff before our bicycle ride around Xi’an City Wall. We had the option of whether to chose a single-rider bicycle or a tandem bicycle. Biking around the city wall under direct sunlight at approximately 48 degrees Celsius left us all dehydrated and tired, so we went straight to a buffet lunch and gulped down our meal to recuperate.

After a hearty meal, we drove to a small museum to view some paintings and calligraphy and even practiced writing Chinese characters with calligraphy. There, I helped bargain for a painting from 800 yuan to 500 yuan. Next, we went to Muslim Street, and some of us tried out exotic street food including fried squid. After exploring the street filled with tasty food and other material goods, we made our way to a Hong Kong restaurant to eat dinner and then retired to our hotel.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Everything is a me problem” – Christiana