Location: Xi'an

We started our morning in Xi’an with an early breakfast and a long drive to the Terra-Cotta Warrior Factory and Shop. A lady explained to us there how Terra-Cotta Warriors were made and brought us to a shop to purchase related goods. There, an Erhu (a traditional Chinese musical instrument) caught my eyes. I was able to bargain it from 1200 yuan to 630 yuan. I also bargained for some bracelets for a few of us in the group from 100 yuan to 60 yuan each.

Following the factory, we went to the Terra-Cotta Warrior Museum and explored the different sections of the museum while learning about its history from Daniel, our tour guide. For example, he told us that the Emperor’s looks remained unknown because his grave was filled with mercury to prevent people from stealing parts of his body. Another fact was that different Terra-Cotta Warriors were carved differently based on their ranking and position, such as the difference between a Middle-Ranking Officer and an Archer. After viewing the Terra-Cotta Warrior Museum, we headed for yet another buffet lunch, followed by a tea tasting. At the tea tasting, we were given a variety of teas to taste, such as Dragon Well Tea. We then made our way to the bus and were approached by vendors along the way. I helped bargain for five terra-cotta figurines from 50 yuan to 20 yuan, but the same thing for another all the way down to 10 yuan. Bargaining depends on the vendor and how low they are willing to go price-wise. We next made our way to the train to go back to Beijing, stopping by a McDonalds for a quick dinner along the way.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “It’s like this chair has a blanket on its head. Hair hat? No, hat hair. Hat of hair. Hair Wig. Wig hair” – Christiana