Location: Cairns

We awoke to our first morning in Cairns with great excitement for the upcoming day. After eating a delicious breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, and toast cooked by our chefs Hunter and Jackie we took off for the botanical gardens. There we saw beautiful plants and trees and went to a hike that gave us a view of the city and the surrounding area. We sat down for a picnic lunch and played some hilarious games. Soon we left for Crystal Cascades, up in the mountains just outside of town. Hiking past majestic waterfalls, we encountered a great swimming spot where we jumped into the refreshing water. On our walk back from the falls, we stopped to play some more games, which everyone loved. The rest of the day consisted of an intense cooking competition. The girls made a delicious assortment of breaded chicken, mac and cheese, and garlic mashed potatoes, which everyone loved. The guys made burgers, named the “Billaburger” by Noah. Dinner was a tense trash talk battle, and everyone got a good laugh in. In the end, the judges determined it was a tie, and a game of Heads Up as the tiebreaker deemed the girls to be the winners.  With the title they also won the ultimate prize – double coated Tim Tams.  As a special treat from all the hard work from cooking and to get us ready for our dive trip in two days, we finished the night by watching Finding Nemo.