Location: Great Barrier Reef

Perhaps the most challenging and essential role of the skipper is to begin the day by waking all of my shipmates at the correct time. As such, I have completely failed my role as skipper. Kindly – albeit accidentally – I granted my friends an extra fifteen minutes of sleep. Luckily, due to some expedient breakfast-ing, we managed to be on time for our bus ride to the marina, where we loaded ourselves onto our dive boat. In the first five minutes of my first dive, I was face-to-face with a 6-foot grey shark. The Great Barrier Reef has not disappointed. After our second dive of the day, our dive boat brought us to Ocean Quest, a 35-meter live-aboard dive boat. Once aboard this second boat, we were greeted by a warm crew and even warmer brownies. After an introductory discussion, we prepared to take our first dive aboard Ocean Quest. As I floated through the serenity of The Great Barrier reef, I could not help but feel an immense appreciation for the raw, unadulterated beauty of this underwater oasis.  In addition to all of the coral and reef fish, we also saw a reef shark, stingray, and a huge sea turtle. After dinner, we returned to the ocean for a night dive. Again, this dive yielded sharks, eels, turtles, and trevally. As I sit in the lounge of The Ocean Quest writing this blog, I can not help but wonder at the amazing experiences which have befallen us today. If our first day on The Great Barrier Reef yielded three separate shark sightings, I could only wonder at what lays in store for us.