Location: Cairns

After an early wake-up call this morning, the chefs started to prepare breakfast of fruit salad, sausages, and toasted English muffins. Following clean up, we drove to Tjabukai, an Aboriginal historical park named after the local Tjabukai people. We started the tour with traditional face painting by an artist, followed by an interesting explanation of the various art styles! We then walked through the various acts and performances in the park, learning about the Aboriginal culture and lifestyle along the way. Specifically, my favorite acts were the original dance performances by the Aboriginals themselves. We were pulled onto the stage, where we danced along and participated in their dances. We learned how they play their traditional instrument the didgeridoo and also about their traditional hunting methods using spears and boomerangs, and even had a chance to try each of them!  Following the tour, we ate our pre-made sandwiches in the park before taking a taxi into Cairns for the afternoon. We were allotted some free time, some of which we spent catching up with families and friends after we were graciously gifted our phones. We met up as a group again for dinner after an exciting day of last gift shopping. To close the day, we went to “Reef Teach,” an educational lecture to educate and prepare us for our dives tomorrow. We concluded the day with a squeeze, eagerly anticipating our dives tomorrow!  We are not sure if we will have internet access out at sea, so if you don’t hear from us on the blog for a few days don’t fear, we are just enjoying ourselves under the sea and will be back on land on Monday!